Travel ERP System


ERP System

Travel ERP system meets all the desire of a modern travel company. It empowers travel companies to give unique customer service, maintaining cooperation between the departments, securing the achievement of the daily work and providing structured advice in real-time.

BookingXML delivers all the available modules over the cloud platform, the most exhaustive travel distribution platform for small to midsize travel intermediaries. BookingXML on demand/cloud deployment saves infrastructure cost and product development cost for customers. Our offerings facilitate free product upgrades without demeanor a delay and cost of technology upgrades

What is cloud-based travel ERP software?

As travel ERP software is the latest, on-demand technology, Cloud-based travel ERP software is what makes it even more specific and special. Let’s elaborate on the conception of cloud-based systems here.

Cloud-based travel ERP software, also called “Software as a Service” (SaaS), is the software that can be penetrate anywhere, anytime via the internet by users with authorized login credentials. Cloud itself means that the software is deployed on the remote server of service provider or vendor and approach is given to various users just by providing them valid login credentials. The only crucial factor here is internet connectivity. The inequality between cloud ERP and on-premise ERP is the physical location of the software.

The most successful on demand travel ERP

·         First cloud hosted travel ERP

·         One time set up fee and monthly user license fee

·         Free upgrades lifetime

·         Minimize your investment with our affordable and pay as you grow model

·         Accessible  and quick to deploy

·         Includes maintenance, hosting and free upgrades


The Travel ERP Solution

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system addresses the issues of a distributed architecture by contributing a travel business with an integrated suite of applications for front office, mid-office and back office business processes. The ERP suite has the capability to defeat silos of isolated data and business activities with a accepted data model and standardized processes. As shown in this graphic, the suite of travel-specific applications is designed to work smoothly and interchangeably with each other.

A accepted data model and standard processes are treated the heart of ERP travel technology because it is lack of one or both that drives the majority of needed manual activities in component-based, distributive systems. With common data structures, advice can be designed for use one time, and then commonly updated with minor tweaks going forward; reporting is quick and flexible and becomes a existence and a competitive ammunition. With standard processes, structured data can flow in a smooth automated workflow from one application to another: for example, payroll into account costing. Employees can concentrate on delivering high value and modernization and less on internal activities the customer knows little about and cares even less.

BookingXML - ERP Solution

Travel and tourism industry is one of the most powerful and ever-developing industries in our present times. A lot of employment gets generated due to this sector. As there is a lot of growth and capability in this sector, there is also a lot of competition which this industry faces. A lot of intensity is provided to customer service in this sector. Authentic information about the customer and all the provided services is a must for those organizations who wants to be successful.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a must for modern travel company. It facilitates the travel companies by helping them contribute exceptional customer service, maintaining corporation coordination between the departments. ERP systems boost in cost cutting and increase the company’s efficiency.

Our expert team with broad involvement who will be able to develop Travel ERP System according to the requirements of your travel company. This system will create value and business benefit making it accessible to track the workflow across different departments, reduce manual intervention, operate databases, certify financial flow and improve corporate governance. BookingXML develops custom Travel ERP for our customers who want to manage their travel business in the most efficient way. Contact us to find the best custom solution for your travel enterprise.

 With the help of the BookingXML travel enterprise platform, you can both manage and optimize your client and partner relations, reservation tracking, revenue streams, financial, monitoring, and staff collaboration without missing a thing about your day-to-day business workflows. Our travel enterprise software serves an array of tools to make best-value offers to your clients and thus maximize your gains both in terms of revenue and loyalty. By using our travels enterprise software, your staff can search and book via multiple credentials, offer tailored discounts and promotions to loyal clients, as well as get hold of the best deals from suppliers.

Why prefer BookingXML?

BookingXML is a web-based Travel Agency Software that boost travel agencies maximize their online bookings while reducing their administrative costs. You can sell your travel products via various channels like B2C, B2B and B2B2C and efficiently manage your operations through our advanced back-office automation module.

It is absolutely modular in nature making it truly scalable and can also comfortably be integrated with your existing IT solutions as and when required.

BookingXML travel booking software grant your B2C and B2B customers to book flights, hotels, packages, activities and ground transportation online with real-time rates and availability. What’s more, with our Travel Agency Software you can sell both third-party inventory of your preferred as well as your directly contracted inventory on the same interface. Travel agency software can help you manage different aspects of your agency anywhere, anytime. Automate routine admin tasks to improve overall staff efficiency and minimize costly human errors.

Why Tour & Travel Industry need ERP Software?

        Leads and opportunities

Tracking leads generated from different campaigns run by the agency, can be comfortably done. Also further actions needed to convert those leads into opportunities like making calls; sending offer mailers and scheduling meetings can be carried out with ERP.

        Customer dealing

With an ERP the entire process of dealing with the customer becomes a much less convoluted task. Using ERP to interact and deal with customers make it accessible for the Trip Advisor, as the system will take care of the pending payments, documents to be submitted, relevant updates and reminders.

        Designing and recording of travel products

Each tour devised in the travel agency can be comfortably saved, altered and used in future as per the requirements. These products can be easily standardized and used across various multiple outlets of the agency without any discrepancies. Dates about the

        Keeping record of trip guides

All the trips are to be co-ordinates with the trip guides and they need to be sent proper updates and details about the same. This can be done comfortably using the Human Resource Management module of the ERP software. Plus record keeping of other employees can also be easily done.


Most travel agencies develop an advanced itinerary or a master itinerary, depending on their work pattern. Thus, when a trip needs to be specially customized or altered, this itinerary can be comfortably referred and essential data derive with ERP software.


Invoicing in travel agency is rather critical because in most cases there are different travelers being paid for by one member. Thus, payment division for each of the travelers and storing details in database for all and not just the one who is paying, becomes easy with ERP.


Each tour needs to well budgeted. ERP software will assure that you come up with the rightly estimated budget. It also incorporates for the budget approval by seniors or the accounting department.

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