Advantages of Using Travel Agency Software


Travel Agency Software

BookingXML is web-based travel agency software that automates your marketing, sales, operations, and finances. This software caters to the needs of Inbound Tour operators and the Outbound Tour operators, Destination management companies, corporate travel companies, travel agencies, and Online Travel Agencies.

Our Travel Agency Software that encourages travel agencies maximizes their online bookings while reducing their administrative costs. You can sell your travel products via various channels (B2C, B2B and B2B2C) and accurately manage your operations through our advanced back-office automation module. It is completely modular in nature making it truly scalable and can also comfortably be integrated with your existing IT solutions as and when required.

Features of Travel Agency Software:

·         Business to Customers-Users and Guest

·         Dynamic roles for office administration

·         Online bookings

·         Offline bookings

·         Admin Management

·         Deposit Management System

·         Commission Management System

·         Dash Board Management

·         Booking Reports

·         Assigning markup

·         Assigning of convenience

·         Sales and Commission reports

·         Manage Dynamic Pages

Advantages of Travel Agency Software

•        Sales Management

The first and most important of all the assistance that you can get from travel technology solutions is effective sales management. Converting leads into actual business is a critical condition of running a successful travel agency. Without the right sales software, you will not make the most of market opportunities

•        Operations Management

Another primary benefit you can get from travel management software is managing operations. A lot of smaller tasks go into running a company’s operations. Using a smart CRM solution will encourage your company achieve a higher sales target and overall business operation efficiency than ever before.

        Single Software Operations

Running your travel business through a single travel agency management system is a very smart way of operating. When all your business processes are present in one software, it leads for far better operational efficiency. Your company can accomplish higher goals since both foundational operations like sales pitching and top-level tasks like oversight can be done through a single interface.

        Client Feedback and Review

In the travel business, client feedback is more important than anything else. How your tour operators and package sellers are operating with the clients will impact your business a lot. As a company, you want to maintain a active market standing by developing a good reputation. So, a travel agency management system that grants you to do that is the best thing for your business.

•        Technological Footprint

The final benefit of getting a travel management company is that you can have a capable technological footprint. So, all the websites, social media pages and other digital factors that you use to acquire new leads can be funneled through this channel.

How Travel Agency Software Help Travel Agency and Tour Operator ?

Travel Agency Software is travel software manage bookings, travel package customization, itinerary generation, and automates sales, operations and finances which is an entire  solution for travel agency, tour operator, online travel agency, travel management company, travel portal development company to increase bookings of hotels, flights, transfers, tours, packages and car rental to boost business profitability.

Many Travel Businesses use travel agency software to get benefit of various supplier connectivity, also get insights into business data and sales flow of travel business which encourages travel agent and online travel agency (OTA).

Travel Agency Software - A Perfect Solution to Automate Travel Business

Travel Industry is very vast and making progress at a very accelerated pace as the new technology in travel field is frequently evolving. Earlier everything used to be managed manually in travel agency but with this increasing fierce competition, the modern way which can over through this tough competition is developed and that is an entire shift from manual to automation. Automation can bring a deep change in the travel business processes and the accomplish cloud-based travel agency software can bring this automation in the picture with its unlimited quality features.

BookingXML is a pre-eminent software development company contributing profound services in developing travel agency software. The company operating at any scale and affordability of the bother matters a lot to BookingXML. This is very common that every company operates for earning wealth and looks for the travel software which can pace up their customer benefit.

The travel agent software developed by our team exceptionally helps travel companies in accomplish their goals. It assures price effectiveness, faster transaction, and efficiency in the transaction, etc.

The travel agency software offers an excellent and convenient interface. Operating this travel software does not ask for any expertise and various kind of education. The software can be used for a hotel booking agent, flight booking agents, and other travel agents as well. The travel agent software grant B2B or B2C end users and online travel agents to buy air tickets visiting online travel portals.

The travel agency management system has been largely enhanced with just a small effort. The travel booking software handles the entire sale process with ease and at the same time, the workflow gets smoother. The customer feedback is the ultimate thing every company works for. Travel agency booking software encourage in getting valuable comment from customers.

Why travel agents need to choose travel agency software?

The travel agency booking software limits the substitute and has coordination with a various travel booking agent. This software augments the customer travel involvement and showed a deep decrement in running expenditure. The travel agency solutions developing as a great asset for centralizing the selling process, advertising, running and financing process, etc.

        Travel agent software benefit online travel agents to achieve an elaborated report which is powerful for increasing the use of travel administration. This is for the reason of invoicing, explaining and adjustment. Accounting software for travel agency helps in maintaining records in an arranged form.

        The online travel agency software is capable of delivering travel services at a faster pace. By using this agency software the online travel agent feeds distant details regarding pricing on different basis.

        Travel agency software consists of the records, reports, visuals, location maps and a snapshot of tour packages.

        Travel booking software controls additions, concession, payment plans, blackout days, advertisement and accommodation availability, etc.

        It is interactive navigate system.

        Accessible to manage Backoffice

        Accessible to manage revenue

        Multi-Currency and Multi language


Why Prefer BookingXML?

BookingXML is the best travel portal development company  worldwide. BookingXML as a best travel product fills the thrust of travel clients with the best designed architecture. We are specialized in the field of technology serving huge customers with our travel agency software.

Travel agency software is a Customized travel portal designed for the travel agencies to connect with various inventory vendors as all the topmost GDS integrations, millions of hotels and tour packages consist of cruise, car rentals, recharge API integrations which in turn serves almost all travel related services. Our renowned travel agency software is encrypted with latest technology which is evergreen and stagnant to the changing trends and we have hard core testing implementations for the product like functional testing at all levels of the software development life cycle using Agile and more traditional software.

BookingXML serves all groups of clients as they can choose the API of choice for the integrations majorly with the top GDS integrations, etc. BookingXML with its advancements and enhancement paved the way into the global market with various currencies, different Payment gateway integrations, different languages etc.

We ensure you with a high ended security layer for all your transactions with extra care. BookingXML travel agency software is amalgamated with the best providers of global inventory in Flight, Buses, Cruise, Car rentals with expedite and experience. BookingXML have a bundle of packages to suit the travel booking agencies based on their interests and budget.

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