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 Travel API

Travel API is a set of web services used to approach travel data from different consolidators. Travel APIs fetch and process travel data (flights, hotels cost, availability, destinations). And grant third-party resources to get approach to this information.

BookingXML  is a dominant travel API company and along with its IATA accredited fully owned subsidiary, it boost  you to maximize your need of travel inventory through a single consolidated travel booking API connection while providing rich flight contents aggregated through several IATA and Non IATA consolidators. BookingXML’s open travel API XML suite includes flight API, hotel API, car API, transfer API and sightseeing API

  Features of API Integration

•        User can search, book and confirm activity by Single Travel API Integration

•        Manage Agent List

•        Manage Booking List

•        Easy and fastest way to set up and Integration

•        User can search, book and cancel their booking through Online Travel Portal

Advantage of Travel API Integration

·         Search, Book, Confirm – Through a Single API Integration.

·         Manage Your Agents list and Bookings List, Markup Management, Discount Management.

·         Appealing banners are available for the purpose of advertisement.

·         Easy set up and flexible integration.

·         Notification through email regarding ticket bookings, cancellation, flight delayed etc..

·         User Can Manage Their Bookings through Online Booking Portal.

·         User Can Cancel Their Bookings through Online Booking Portal.

·         Provide Discounted And Offered fair To Your Customer.


BookingXML Travel API

Our Travel Portal Development Solutions delivers significant results with maximizes your company’s revenue from our creative and expert. We offer a broad range of services serves as extra support to Travel Portal Development, White Label portals, software, B2B / B2C Travel Portal, XML API Integration, and different GDS APIs such as Amadeus, Sabre for flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, sightseeing, and holiday packages.

Without the right inventory/content at competitive rates for your market, people are not likely to buy from you, regardless of how much you allocate on sales and marketing. Modern travelers, with a single search, they can view thousands of flights, hotels, activities, transfers and car rentals from across the world with real time rates and availability and instantly make reservations right on their mobile phones.

We develop White Label Solutions| White Label travel software with all features consist of  booking engines, XML & API integrations, contracted inventory, agency management, and back-end accounting automation, managing reservations, create invoices, track payments, publish catalog online, etc.

And our white label Travel Portal serves the needs of travel agents who can provide their business in a more effective way to reach their target audience with ease and accomplishment. Our White label solution grants you to develop your online travel agency completely under your brand without any redirection. By combining our best travel API with your software solution, you as a travel service provider may offer dominant travel related services like bus reservation, flight reservation and hotel reservation to your potential guests.

Why BookingXML Travel API is important?

BookingXML is a pre-eminent travel technology company providing deep technology solutions for the entire     . The services involve GDS integration, travel API integration, XML integration, portal development and much more. Travel API primarily packages of online services to gain travel afford from different travel service providers throughout the world. Travel API integration for hotels, flights, and GDS integration, etc are applied by travel companies to gain the travel offers online.

For long-lasting business continuity maintaining the right set of products and services at competing prices is relevant. No matter how much effort you have done on the traffic generation and promotions you will not get fruitful results unless completed API integration. The online travel portal development brought ease in the travel industry due to API integration in it. With the application of travel portals in the travel businesses, the latest travelers can find any travel info at their fingertips. They can go through the end number of airline options, accommodation, excursion, and vehicle hire throughout the globe. Through travel, portal customers can check any revision in the details of flights and airlines, etc. Also, they receive instant notification regarding any changes in their booked product.

Our Services:

          Flight API

•          Hotel API

•          Car API

•          Sightseeing API

•          Cruise API

•          Transfer API

How we will help?

BookingXML provides seamless integration with all the GDSs(Global Distribution Systems) via XML API. A GDS acts as a centralized reservation system that provides real-time fares and availabilities for flights and other travel related products to travel agents. It is connected with airline, hotel and other supplier systems in the back-end and manages distribution of inventory for these providers globally. BookingXML’s  GDS Integration grant you to allow your B2C and B2B clients access to worldwide content on both web and mobile interfaces. BookingXML has already integrated Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport APIs for several clients.

BookingXML contribute a consolidated XML API Interface wherein you can manage your complete third-party supplier inventory from a single window, rather than logging into various systems and stumble through different screens to approach live fares. This reduces your effort and boost you concentrate on selling more.

Travel API Integration

We contribute flight API, car API, Hotel API services with API integration. Our company integrated GDS API like Amadeus API, Galileo API Sabre API as well as third party API integration. API Integration is the end-to-end process of fetching data from best travel API providers and displays it to the other website.

In Hotel API Integration, the developer will connect the API with the provider and display the needed data into the other website. The third party API integration opens up the route to the extent of significant advice. The hotel API provider grant approach to multiple hotel deals whereas flight API provider enables approach to end number of flights.

In a limited time period, the travel portal solution gains a great feedback from the end-users. Each supplier is various, with their own exclusive quirks and requirements and making them all work together is no trivial matter. However, using our travel API, you can shortcut that entire process. Through a simple set of XML requests, you’ll be capable to search for and book products provided by our extensive list of integrated suppliers

Third-Party API Integration

Third-party API integration empowers an excellent merger of the ideal integration of the currently available technologies. The API integration highly paces up the accomplishment rate of the prospective plans. Through this method, the travel portal developer gets extra time for the development of a definite solution. Also, the duration has been adjusted for the buildup of the essential plans. Third-party API becomes a great option for those companies which have limited time and resources for finishing the task. For instance, flight booking API cost gets lowered with the services of travel API providers. Lowering of cost at each step lowers the cost at a higher level such as travel portal development cost. API integration is to require expert’s knowledge and practice.

We provide below XML API integration services

•        XML API integrations for Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Bus, Car rentals and more Consolidator JSON/XML API integrations

o        All LCC/GDS integrations

o        SMS Gateway

o        Payment gate way Integration

o        24*7 support

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Stay Connected to Travel Industry on a New Scale

Implementing different travel API integrations with your existing or upcoming reservation software will provide  a boost to your business – and here’s how:

•        Aggregate prices from different sources to provide a much more diverse offering to your clients.

•        Maximize your revenue by preferring the most competitive offers among different suppliers.

•        Keep all the integrations updated at all times with no need to care about it yourself – our team will handle it for you.

•        Develop from local to global by plugging in to static and descriptive travel data from different sources.


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